2010 Hasbro Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Wave 1 Complete Set of Figures

  • $189.99

Complete set of Hasbro 2010 Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Wave 1 action figures...  all figures are new and complete...  we open them from sealed MOCs to save on shipping by sending them loose in individual zip lock baggies in a bubble envelope.  Save on shipping by buying a set instead of these figures individually.   :O)

Included in this auction are the eight figures pictured with their accessories (no relics)...

1. Indiana Jones w/ whipping action and cloth whip
2. Indiana Jones w/ fertility idol, gun, wound whip and unwound whip
3. Marion w/ frying pan, monkey and sword
4. Sullah w/ torch and shovel
5. Monkey Man w/ monkey and dagger
6. Cairo Swordsman w/ sword
7. Belloq w/ staff
8. German soldier w/ machine gun

If you have any questions please contact me.