2010 Hasbro Indiana Jones Waves 1-4 Complete Set of 30 Figures

  • $750.00

Complete set of Hasbro 2010 Indiana Jones action figures...  all figures are new and complete...  we open them from sealed MOCs to save on shipping by sending them loose in individual zip lock baggies in a bubble envelope.  Save on shipping by buying a set instead of these figures individually.   :O)

Included in this auction are the 30 figures pictured with their accessories (no relics or stickers)...

1. Indiana Jones w/ whipping action and cloth whip
2. Indiana Jones w/ fertility idol, gun, wound whip and unwound whip
3. Marion w/ frying pan, monkey and sword
4. Sullah w/ torch and shovel
5. Monkey Man w/ monkey and dagger
6. Cairo Swordsman w/ sword (white with stripes)
7. Cairo Swordsman w/sword (black)
8. Belloq w/ staff
9. German soldier w/ machine gun
10. Indiana Jones w/ crystal skull, whip hand, whip and gun
11. Indiana Jones w/ rocket launcher, wound whip
12. Mutt Williams w/ sword and jacket
13. Mutt Williams w/ snake
14. Irian Spalko w/ pistol and sword
15. Colonel Dovchenko w/ rifle and pistol
16. Russian soldier w/ rifle
17. Ugha warrior w/ stone axe and bolo
18. Cemetary warrior with blow pipe
19. Indiana Jones w/ sword
20. Willie Scott w/ knife
21. Short & Round w/ backpack and torch
22. Mola Ram w/ burning heart, cloth sash, chalice of kahli and dagger
23. Chief Temple Guard w/ sword, whip and fist dagger
24. Temple Guard w/ Sword and fist dagger 
25. Indiana Jones w/ wound whip and machine gun
26. Young Indiana Jones w/ snake and whip
27. Henry Jones with hat, glasses, book, gun, suitcase and umbrella
28. Grail Knight with holy grail and sword
29. Colonel Vogel with cane and pistol
30. Elsa Schnieder with false grail

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